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KNB OC: couple sketch by bakawomans KNB OC: couple sketch :iconbakawomans:bakawomans 21 12
Bathtime (Vergil x Reader) Lemon
Warning: As you may know, this is a lemon, which means it contains some special scenes not appropriate for some readers. If you are okay with reading stories that contain sex scenes, you may continue. Otherwise, please leave this page. 
After making sure you got all your bathing essentials, you poke your head out of your room and call to your housemate. "Yo Vergil!"
"What?" Your lover's stern voice echoed through the hallway.
"I'm gonna take a quick bath alright?" 
"Fine." Vergil waved you off as he continued inspecting and cleaning Yamato and all his other weapons. You nod and head towards the bathroom.
Upon arrival to the cool bathroom, you close the door and neatly fold your (F/C) towel, placing it on a nearby chair. You turn to the bathtub and turn the squeaky faucet on and splash your hand in the cold running water. Shivers tingle up and down your spine. You turned the faucet for cold water off and turned the faucet for warm water. You nod&
:iconfxrbidden:Fxrbidden 214 42
Secret Admirer (Shy!Vergil x Reader)
Secret Admirer (Shy!Vergil x Reader)
Here's a story for the lovely JamieLynnKenway!~
You walk around through the vast library, your (E/C) eyes widening in fascination at the countless of books all lined up neatly on the shelves. Your fingertips glide along the bindings, some old and dusty, some shiny and new. Your lips part as you finally reach the (Favorite Secton) section. It took everything you had to contain a squeal. You bound up to a random shelf and scan the bindings. At last, you pull out (Favorite book) and smile happily. You sit down in a black armchair that quickly contorts to your figure. You sigh happily and flip through the pages.
Meanwhile, a blushing half-demon was on the other side. He placed his hand over his beating heart and he made a fist. What was this feeling? He feels so... flustered and nervous. Well whatever it was, it felt... Nice. It made him feel all warm and fuzzy inside- No! He was here for a reason. He was looking for a book that could lead him to incre
:iconfxrbidden:Fxrbidden 58 19
Jealousy (Vergil x Reader)
There you go again. Talking to that stupid customer. It was so obvious he had a thing for you and he was constantly trying to make a move on you. However, due to your density and somewhat innocence, you couldn't catch it.
But Vergil did.
Vergil continued glaring daggers at the man's back from afar as he continued telling his 'funny' story.
"And then when they were all alone, I yelled, 'Hey! You two should kiss!' It was hilarious! They were so surprised to see me!" He laughs and takes a sip of the coffee you made for him. You laugh as well.
"Wow.. I can't believe you!"
"It's true!"
"Okay okay... What happened next?" You cover your mouth to stifle a giggle but fail miserably. Vergil's eyes narrowed as he struggled to contain his inner demon.
"Alright so.. To my surprise, they actually followed my suggestion and kissed, and now they're living happily with two children and a dog." He puffs his chest proudly.
"Woah... Really?"
"Yeah. I can show you a picture. Come here."

Oh hell no.
:iconfxrbidden:Fxrbidden 134 36
Noctis by MichelVictor Noctis :iconmichelvictor:MichelVictor 1,934 572 Horoscope series .:Aries:. by sakimichan Horoscope series .:Aries:. :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 27,051 818 DANTE _Soul in red by Zetsuai89 DANTE _Soul in red :iconzetsuai89:Zetsuai89 1,523 47 What's up Doll by sakimichan What's up Doll :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 35,565 1,819
Saruhiko Fushimi x Reader-Prince Fushimi
“I would like prince Fushimi,” you told Seri as you handed the pad back to her. She sighed and whispered to you, so then the other female customers around you wouldn’t hear. “Are you sure?” Seri asked. “You know he’s a bit…” she struggled coming up with a word that would describe Fushimi perfectly.
“Difficult?” You suggested. Seri nodded her head in agreement. You waved your hand in reassurance. “Don’t worry Seri-san,” you began to say. “I can handle the ice prince.”
She chuckled. “Ice prince,” she mumbled and swiped her finger on the pad.
“Prince Fushimi!” Seri yelled. “Come down this instant!” She rubbed her temple and whispered again. “If he doesn’t come, I’ll drag him out personally.” You nervously chuckled at her suggestion.
“Tch,” you heard someone said. You turned around and tried to suppress a gasp. There standin
:iconkawaii-joker:Kawaii-Joker 222 32
Reisi Munakata x Reader-King Munakata
“I would like prince Munakata,” you beamed at Seri. She, in return, growled at your choice, you knew Seri had a soft spot for the Blue king, but you did too and that wasn’t going to stop you from pursing him.
Seri took a long sigh, trying to regain her composure, you knew she wanted to secretly strangle the life out of you, so you tried to bite your tongue and wouldn’t further piss her off.
“You know,” she had begun saying. “He isn’t labeled as a prince, rather he’s labeled as a king.” You nodded. “Ah,” you looked up to the ceiling. “A befitting title for him, oh the irony.”
She swiped her finger on the pad and picked up the phone’s receiver. “King,” she said. “Princess (your name) has chosen you.” She hung up and smiled to you. “He’s coming.” You knew if you had chosen the other members, she would yell and demand them to come over, but with Munakata she c
:iconkawaii-joker:Kawaii-Joker 131 16
Mikoto Suoh x Reader-King Mikoto
“I would like prince Mikoto,” you blushed and looked away from Izumo’s stare. You looked back to Izumo sighing.
“You picked a difficult one,” Izumo looked around the bar trying to find the red head. “Also, he’s not a prince.”
“What do you mean?” You asked and Izumo pointed at the chalkboard. You walked closer to the board and laughed at the irony on what was written.
“Oh, my mistake,” you turned around to face Izumo. “I would like king Mikoto.” You began laughing with Izumo. Izumo wiped his eye and called Totsuka.
“Totsuka!” Izumo yelled at the man who was trying to get Yata out behind the counter. Totsuka looked at Izumo and waved to you, you waved back. He left Yata alone and walked over.
“Hi princess (your name),” he grabbed you hand and pecked it. “Did you pick me? I’m so honoured~”
Izumo grabbed Totsuka’s collar and yanked him away from you. “No
:iconkawaii-joker:Kawaii-Joker 311 28
(Mikoto x Reader) Cold
Snippets. Brief images, sounds, smells and sensations. A soft voice. A warm hand gently stroking your head. The smell of spring and sunshine. A smile and a laugh full of joy. But most of all, a song, a lullaby, quiet and beautiful.
Those are the only memories you have of your birthmother. Ghostly. Distant. Like an echo. So vague, that you sometimes wonder if they’re just dreams. Illusions, wishful thinking, consolation when you lay in your bed at the orphanage, cold, lonely and thinking the whole world was against you. The orphanage was poor, hence, they could not afford heating throughout the whole winter. Most of the children slept in each other’s beds, giggling and whispering in the quiet, dark night.
You were shy. Silent. And when someone spoke to you, you would seldom answer. After a while, they stopped. You were alone. And cold. And that’s when the memories resurfaced and you would sit and sing softly to yourself, hoping that one day, it wou
:iconcorona18:Corona18 234 37
I Am No Longer A Child (Genesis x Reader) ~Ch.2
(Genesis Rhapsodos x Reader)
Written for Chaosbayne
Chapter II
        Your eyes widened as a sudden shock took over your entire body, leaving you as still as a brick under Genesis’ weight. His lips were autocratically occupying your mouth, kindling a burning blush over your cheeks. His kiss started soft and slow, but as soon as you began squirming to free yourself out of the inescapable cage that his body had formed around yours, he made sure to keep you under his full control by pressing against your lips even harder. You swallowed deeply after feeling the increasing fervor of his actions, and you tried harder to wiggle free, but then you gasped breathlessly when you felt his hand grabbing your hip with a firm clutch and fixing you in place.
        You were surprised at how tender his lips were: they, no doubt, were pressing intrusively against yours, but they were unexpectedly soft to the touch. How could someone so
:icontd-yukiryuu:TD-Yukiryuu 106 34
I Am No Longer A Child (Genesis x Reader) ~Ch.1
(Genesis x Reader)
Written for Chaosbayne
Chapter I
        You walked out of the local grocery store and proceeded with relaxed steps along the sidewalk of the quiet neighborhood. You held the bag of fruits in your hand and headed toward the center of the village where an old square was located. That piazza, which stood in the midst of the town, held the eternal tales and unforgettable memories of all the people of Banora, your lovely hometown.
        Upon reaching the public square, you noticed two foreign men whom you had never seen in your hometown before, standing near the stone wall of the old public square. They were wearing what appeared to be uniforms, holding guns and weapons all over their persons, which frightened you a little. As you walked closer to where they were standing, you became able to recognize the familiar logo that was imprinted on each of the leather belts that were fixed around their waists. ‘
:icontd-yukiryuu:TD-Yukiryuu 112 19
For Zack Fair Lovers
For Zack Fair Lovers
A/N: Yes I confess, I am in love with Zack Fair. He needs more love people!

"Hey," Zack said, sticking his head into the doorway, "Are you sure you're going to be okay?"
"When did I say I was going to be okay?" You ask, pulling down the covers covering face, "I have the flu..."
Zack smiled at you, "If you have enough energy to complain, then you'll be fine."
You sneeze.
Zack frowns, and ruffles your hair, "I've got a mission with Angeal today...can you watch the house?" You and Zack lived together as friends who needed someone else to help pay off rent.
"Do I have a choice?"
"No," Zack shakes his head, "What's your temperature?"
"Too high to count."
He beds down, closing the space between your faces, and you start blushing. He puts his forehead against yours, closing his eyes. You can hear your heart hammering, and with his enhanced hearing, you're pretty sure he can as well.
"You have a fever," Zack announces as he stands up, grinning, apparently obliviou
:iconchoco-chuu:Choco-Chuu 90 23


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Hello people ~
I am not talkative for the moment, I am not an artist either, but I write a lot (in french, sorry, I don't have the required level for translating them...). I am 13 years old and am fascinated by Japan ~♥!


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